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The Five Ws of BuildingLogiX

building-logixAnswering the Five Ws (Who, What, Why, When, Where) is a great way to get a complete picture of a problem or solution. And BuildingLogiX is a complete solution for building system management. Mark Maier, Director of Systems Integration with MRG, is a valuable resource for energy management. Here’s a quick guide from Mark on BuildingLogiX.

What is BuildingLogiX?
An energy management tool with web based applications that translate complex machine and system data into metrics that are meaningful and understandable at both the operations and management levels.

Who needs it?
BuildingLogiX can help:
• help building owners leverage capital investments
• help building managers increase savings and efficiency at a facility wide level

Why is it important?
Through this monitoring system, you can increase HVAC equipment operating efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce energy costs.

When is it cost effective to use?
If you’re spending more than $80,000 a year in energy bills, you could benefit from BuildingLogiX.

Schools, Office, Industrial, Multi-Use, Medical — for any facility interested in extending equipment life and cutting energy use, BuildingLogiX can be a tremendous asset.
Think of BuildingLogiX as having a service technician onsite 24 hours a day monitoring and measuring criteria all day long to maximize equipment and building performance. Call Mark Maier at 615-690-3613 today to set up a demonstration.