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Energy Services

The Energy Services division works with building owners and occupants to identify low-cost and no-cost energy savings. We focus on how the facility is operated and maintained, as well as the behavior of occupants related to energy use. Our goal is to optimize building performance and reduce energy waste. If you’re ready to take your building’s performance to the next level, email us at Energy@mechanicalresource.com.



An Integration and Energy Management tool that brings control expertise to leverage the building owners’ capital investments to new heights. 

BuildingLogiX has a suite of robust web-based applications that translate complex machine and system data into metrics that are meaningful and understandable at both the operations and management levels.

Energy LogiX

A web-based energy dashboard which allows the real-time monitoring of energy, as well as comparing multiple buildings in a user-friendly chart.

Report Cards

An enterprise application which analyzes data collected from HVAC equipment and creates easy to understand Scorecard. These Scorecards grade the equipment on Efficiency, Comfort, Ventilation and Performance. Owners and operators are able to quickly identify operational issues which are consuming excess energy, affecting occupant comfort and causing excessive equipment wear.